by believed Courtney was “hot, “even though he is

straight.The winner of #CBB 2018 is … @courtneyact!.?.!! Here’s the minute @EmmaWillis broke the news (and the web). #CBBFinal!.?.!— Big Brother UK(@bbuk ) February 2, 2018 Courtney’s triumph was extra sweet given that the leading prize was between her and Ann Widdecombe, a former Member of Parliament who made headings for her homophobic remarks in your house.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re racist you’re a racist. If you’re homophobic, you’re homophobic,” Brady < a href= rel=noopener target=_ blank > informed Gay Times, when inquired about Widdecombe.”I don’t believe age can be utilized as an excuse. Prejudice is prejudice. It does not matter what shape it is available in, or size, or age– it’s still bias.”

Widdecombe likewise refused to address Jenek as Courtney when Jenek was in drag, even calling Courtney “a tart.”

Courtney was surprised by her win tonight, adding that her victory was somewhat paradoxical considering that the theme for this season of CBB was “Year of the Woman.”

“I think entering into your home is recognition that it’s fine to be different” Courtney told CBB host Emma Willis.The former Drag Race participant made the most unforgettable entrance of the housemates this season, when she had a wardrobe breakdown as she got in your home– and now she leaves a recently crowned winner.She’s out and she

‘s proud! Your winner Shane J/ @courtneyact deals with the crowd. #CBB #CBBFinal!.?.!— Big Sibling UK(@bbuk) February 2, 2018 Condragulations!RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season

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