Hollywood liberals love to point fingers at Republican lawmakers and try to accuse them of all manner of offenses. Unfortunately for these California leftists, they just got exposed in a big way about how so many members of their community have been sexually assaulting women and children for decades.

Former teen star Corey Feldman went on the Today show and told hot Matt Lauer how he plans on finally exposing six powerful Hollywood pedophiles. He is also raising $10 million from victims and others to produce a film detailing just how pervasive pedophiles are in the entertainment industry.

Said Corey to Matt about the pedophiles, “There are thousands of people out there, Matt, who have this information. Any one of those child actors that went to the teenage soda pop clubs with me when I was a kid, know who those people are and the people who ran it. Anybody can go back through history and look at the Teen magazines and say what was the name of that venue they were promoting and who ran that venue own who endorsed it.”

Lauer asked him, “You said you have death threats because you have this information.” After Corey replied in the affirmative, Lauer continued, “And have threatened to expose it. Another reason I think to go to police. That’s a crime to threaten someone’s life.” Corey answered, “I’ve gone to the police with that, as well.” Then Lauer inquired, “And what would be wrong about going to the police now again?”

Feldman replied, “There’s a statute of limitations, Matt, in the state of Claifornia which protects people. It’s not that way in New York. It’s that way only where the movie industry is, conveniently enough in California. That’s the seriousness of this. You cannot. Because if I were to go to the police, I would be he one who’s getting sued. Henceforth, I need a team of lawyers and I need a team of security to be around me at all times, to keep me safe so I can get this message done.” Lauer commented, “Really, really quickly.” Corey continued, “I’m not playing around. It’s serious stuff. I vow I will release every name that I have any knowledge of, period. And nobody’s going to stop me this time, as long as people support this.” Do you support what Corey Feldman is doing? Watch below: