With a massive 141 acting credits to his name across both movie and tv, James Woods is a Hollywood legend. He’s likewise one of Hollywood’s rare outspoken conservatives, where he cultivated another fan base for spot-on, compelling commentary we at TFPP have covered on a number of celebrations. Now, USA Today reports, Woods has chosen it’s time for him to retire from home entertainment: The news was consisted of in a news release provided by Woods ‘genuine estate representative offering Woods’Rhode Island lake home for sale.Allen Gammons said Friday that Woods is 70 and wants to unwind. He says the star’s sibling and mom recently died, and he intends to invest more time on passions consisting of photography, antiquing and Texas Hold ’em poker.Woods is known for his conservative political views, and has stated that’s inconvenienced to discover operate in Hollywood.Gammons said Woods’decision was not political.For great measure, USA Today ends by including

a mention of actress Amber Tamblyn’s claim last month that Woods tried to strike on her when she was a teenager.

No reference, obviously, that Tamblyn is likewise a peddler of left-wing lies, implying that not just is her credibility rather less than ironclad, but that she juuuuuust may have an ulterior motive for attempting to take down among her industry’s most significant dissenters.Naturally, the knives are already out for Woods following the news(or a minimum of, more out than they typically are). Indie Wire’s piece on the news, for circumstances, is entitled,”James Woods Is Retiring( From Performing, Not Being a Jerk on Twitter).

“Funny thing, though– the piece’s author, Michael Nordine, forgot to include any examples of Woods being a jerk. That is, unless simply making “outspoken, highly conservative remarks” and”slamming the gay romantic drama ‘Call Me by Your Call ‘”are all it requires to get the label nowadays( which, considering the prejudices of the entertainment media, could effectively be the case). We’re going to miss seeing James Woods on our Televisions and on the silver screen, however we can take convenience in the knowledge that he’s going to keep making Twitter a smarter, funnier, more sincere, more helpful, and more conservative location. Here are a tasting

of his hits from just the previous couple of days: Let’s be clear: more known #Democrats have killed individuals with guns than all @NRA members integrated.!.?.!— James Woods(@RealJamesWoods) October 6, 2017 Isn’t really there a bank somewhere near you ripe for defrauding? Hop to it, #BankFraudBernie!.?.!— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) October 6, 2017 Sadly her Crazy Tachometer is striking the red

zone so hard they are going to replace her. Too bad. She’s #GOP gold.!.?.!— James Woods(@RealJamesWoods) October 7, 2017 For the genuinely intellectually impaired who think they can buy

an AR-15 rifle in 5 minutes …!.?.!— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods ) October 5, 2017 And now let’s sit back and wait for the insults to begin

, considering that truths are a foreign concept to #liberals.– James Woods(@RealJamesWoods) October 5, 2017 Thank you. We are combating for the extremely survival of the Republic. If the Alinsky mob wins, America dies. This is not

hyperbole.!.?.!— James Woods( @RealJamesWoods

) October 5, 2017 Amen, Mr. Woods. Amen. We here at TFPP desire you a happy retirement, and much more yearsof tweaking the Left on Twitter.Have any desires for James Woods, or other ideas on the news? Noise off listed below!