To address the question of exactly what it would resemble if Filipino versions would be created from a few of the most popular K-Dramas and who would fill the iconic roles, we produced a list and kid was it fun.Korean dramas are the favorite past-time of numerous fans of Korean home entertainment and fill television and laptop screens all around the world. Another country that produces terrific TV dramas is the Phillippines and now we have actually chosen to use up the obstacle and compare the entertainment stars from both of the countries.Lee Joon Gi– Daniel Padilla Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo narrates of a 21st-century

lady, played by IU, being sent back in time to Goryeo Dynasty and ultimately falling in love. Among the two love interests introduced in the story is the difficult 4th Prince of the Wang family portrayed by the devilishly good-looking Lee Joon Gi. Daniel Padilla, who has actually also been identified as the “Teen King”of the Philippine showbiz would be the perfect candidate to represent the ever-fearsome Prince. Ji Chang Wook– Jak Roberto In the action-packed K-drama, The K2, a former mercenary soldier represented by the exceptional Ji Chang Wook is worked with to work as a bodyguard for the wife of a governmental candidate. Exactly what occurs then? Delighting political drama takes place. To fill up the position of Ji Chang Wook’s Filipino counterpart, we introduce the actor/singer Jak Roberto. He could absolutely pass as a previous soldier for hire. Kim Soo Hyun– Richard Juan Keep in mind the sitcom The Producers back from 2015? Happening in the busy filmings of the range department of KBS network business, this drama tells the story of a rookie played by

Kim Soo Hyun entering to operate at

the business in hopes of seeing his secret crush. The one to take over the function in the imaginary Filipino version of the comedy program is Richard Juan. The Filipino actor who originally rose to popularity from the Pinoy variation of the reality program Big Sibling. A star born from a reality entertainment should have skills when it pertains to humour. Park Bo Gum– Alden Richards Fans of the Korean thrillerdrama Hi Monster can most likely remember Park Bo Gum talentedly representing the crazed legal representative of the story. The drama focuses on a smart cat and mouse video game activated by a strange cops investigation. To step forward from the line of Filipino stars this

time is Alden Richards

, who is familiar to numerous from Consume Bulaga!, the longest-running noontime variety program in the Philippines. He definitely has the acting skills to pull of a thriller like this one! Nam Joo Hyuk– James Reid Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and the story of collegeathletes grouping together and defending their dreams. Nam Joo Hyuk attained the role of a swimmer filled with skill and a lively mind in this K-drama. A best function for the Filipino-Australian performer, James Reid, who rose to popularity after the romantic funny film entitled Journal Ng

Panget in 2014. Park Yoochun– Richard Poon Inspired by the American series 24, Korean action drama Three Days follows the story of the bodyguards of the president struggling to discover the head of the nation after he goes missing. The bodyguard group is led by an elite representative depicted by singer/actor Park Yoochun.

Just like JYJ member Yoochun, Filipino star Richard Poon is likewise a singer-turned-actor and previously included in a band called U-Turn. Who could be a much better suitable for a Filipino remake?< img src= alt=""width =2048 height=1366 > Lee Minutes Ho– Enrique Gil Lee Minho’s last TELEVISION drama before employing in the military, The Legend of Heaven Sea, centers around the love story between a clever con-man and a gorgeous mermaid. This romantic story was inspired by a traditional

Joseon legend and has recorded

the hearts of many audiences. Star and dancer, Enrique Gil, is likewise known for functions in different love dramas andwould therefore superbly work as a great Filipino candidate for a Lee Minho function. Yes, definitely.