If asked if littering is bad, most people would say “Yes.” It”s a no-brainer. Even though that”s the case, in many places you can”t take 10 steps without spotting some litter. Not only does it make your environment dirty, but it also is hurting it.

The city of Toronto decided that it has had enough. They have upped the ante with their new anti-littering ads. These poignant and blunt ads are meant to stop people from littering on the streets. Let me tell you, I”m convinced. I don”t litter and even I feel bad.

1. Oink oink.

Oink oink.

2. Slovenly slobs.

Slovenly slobs.

3. No double dipping.

No double dipping.

4. Save the little fishies.

Save the little fishies.

5. That”s a low blow.


6. The ultimate IQ test.

The ultimate IQ test.

(H/T BoredPanda)

Pig. Dumb. Lazy.

When you litter, that”s what you are. These ads are right, “littering says a lot about you.” Share this post with others and raise awareness. Littering is a dirty and lazy habit that people need to stop.


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