Keeping surprises for your better half under wraps during wedding preparations can be a daunting task, but this groom managed to pull off an incredibly sweet surprise!

Back when they were starting to date, Amanda gave Michael a CD that had Michael Buble”s “I”m Your Man” on it, telling him that she thought it”d be amazing if someone sang it to her on her wedding day. Little did she know that those words would stick with him. Years later, things came full circle on their big day.

While the newlyweds were saying their thanks to friends and family at the reception, Michael suddenly took over the microphone and started serenading his new wife with that very same Michael Buble song. Her reaction is priceless!

(source Amanda Gabbard)

Now that was amazing, and you can tell how much it meant to Amanda. What”s even more amazing is how well he did with that big ending. He totally nailed it!


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