It’s the holiday season, and odds are that you will be exchanging gifts with someone who has no idea what to get you. The worst part is that you later have to feign excitement over the terrible present.

Well, here are some of the worst gifts that anyone could possibly receive. Let’s just hope that none of us have to deal with this level of horror.

1. This is one frisky bear.

2. For one of those special nights in.

3. Thanks for…breakfast?

4. Are you serious?

5. Well, that’s one way to go about it.

6. A posture straightener, because who doesn’t want that?

7. This would have been cool about 15 years ago.

8. That’s horrifying.

9. A gift for the lazy person in all of us.

10. What adult needs this?

11. If you want to terrify someone every time they reach for a necklace, there’s this.

12. Purses that look like cats are not okay.

13. If that’s what you’re into…

14. I really needed this.

15. This scale compares you to different animals. Ouch.

16. Just…why?

17. This has to be a punishment for something.

18. Bells for your beard.

19. A cat playing a piano?

20. This could not possibly be more ridiculous.

21. Where does one even find this?

22. Even if you’re a cat person, this is weird.

23. No. Absolutely not.

24. There’s something wrong with people.

25. A water gun shaped like a hot dog. Necessary.

26. Just to remind you of what coffee makes you do.

27. This comb might actually be pretty cool.

28. For the lonely person in your life.

29. This guy’s name is “The Turdinator,” so there’s that.

30. For anyone who has accidents.

(via Refinery 29 / Why Did You Buy Me That?)

You’d better have your fake smile ready this holiday season. One of those items could be yours this year, and you wouldn’t want to make your loved ones feel bad, right?


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