Even if you’re not familiar with the “Young Lady or Old Hag” illusion, you’ve probably seen other illusions like it. The one below is kind of like that…only mixed with the hotbed of emotions that some felt over the godforsaken 2015 blue/gold dress fiasco.

Ever since Savannah Root shared this graffiti earlier this month, it’s left half the Internet completely baffled over what its subject is, while others are even more baffled as to why people aren’t getting it immediately.

What do YOU see in the photo? We’ll put the answer below, just in case you feel like you’re going to lose your mind over it.

Can you see what it is? No?

Answer: it’s a cowboy with the right side of his face in shadow.

(via IFL Science!)

When we polled the VN staff, some saw the cowboy immediately, while others had rather…creative notions of what it could be, including a crow, a “mutant hotdog,” and an “upside-down Godzilla.” So don’t worry, if you didn’t get it right away…we were right there with you!


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