Hulk-green puppies? Incredible, but true! When Spanish dog breeder Aida Molina first saw the pups, she couldnt believe it either. In fact, she just assumed the newborns were dirty and tried to scrub them clean. And why wouldnt she? Dogs come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, but green is definitely not usually one of them. While the source of their funky fur remains a mystery, its speculated that a presence of the biliverdin pigment in the mothers placenta may be the culprit.

Why not marvel at the adorable little ones?

Hulk Puppies smash… your hearts!

Hulk Puppies smash... your hearts!

(H/T Elite Daily)

Sadly, the Hulk Puppies dont appear to be quite as strong as their superhero namesake. One is dead and the other is not doing well. Heres hoping for a storybook ending for this comic book canine.

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