As the years go on, companies are embracing new forms of advertising. They aren”t limited to just billboards, mailers and newspaper ads. They can use the Internet, too, now! Unfortunately, all of those options have made some things a little confusing for those advertisers who aren”t that savvy… And you end up with things like this ad below. Once you see what”s wrong, you”ll LOL.

Hmm, there”s something odd about this ad. But what?

Hmm, there

Zoom in a bit closer…

Zoom in a bit closer...

Ah. That”s it.

Ah. That

(H/T UsVSTh3m) This ad brought to you by someone who either doesn”t understand the Internet, doesn”t understand newspapers or just is clueless about life in general. We love you. Share this awesome ad with others, you”ll get a laugh out of them, too.


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