You won”t find anything cuter than a sleeping baby. However, you only get to catch a few glimpses of a sleeping baby before accidentally waking them (because that always happens). That”s why many parents are tempted to have their babies sleep in bed with them. It is in the grown-up”s bed where they can stare lovingly at their mommies and daddies all night long.

This is exactly what Esther Anderson did with her baby, except things didn”t go quite as planned. In fact…they went quite the opposite way.

Even if you”re tired and fall asleep, there”s no guarantee the baby will.

Even if you

And if they”re not sleeping…it”s PLAYTIME!

And if they

“Wake up, MOM!”

“I want long hair like you. Can I borrow some?”

“I”m bored. Wake up, mom.”


“Seriously, can”t you smell my diaper? It needs changing.”

"Seriously, can

“Hmm, what”s up here?”

"Hmm, what


See Ester Anderson and her baby (not sleeping) in their full glory.

(via BuzzFeed)

We see you smiling, parents. We all tried this at one time or another, and with similar results. Sadly, we weren”t smart enough to record it like this funny mom and her adorable kid.


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