If you have a random encounter with an animal, you certainly want to capture it on camera. Unfortunately, you”re not always lucky enough to be able to snap photographic proof of these moments.

Well, these people were prepared. They captured unbelievable moments between humans and wildlife. These animals seem like they”re straight out of a movie. Enjoy their moments connected with nature.

1. “Since it”s past Thanksgiving, we”re cool, right?”

"Since it

2. “Take me to St. Louis! Or Arizona!”

3. “You”re really testing me, dude.”


4. “Let”s seal the deal.”


5. “Dear, deer.”

6. “You must be nuts to hang out with me.”

7. “I”ll never forget this.”


8. “I”ll be your soul patch!”


9. “Mmmm, I love sunflower seeds!”

10. “This guy looks like a statue. I”m going to land on him.”

"This guy looks like a statue. I

11. “We shall worship this lady as our God.”

12. “Petting me will get you far.”

13. “Can I get a ride? Santa forgot to pick me up.”

14. “Let me in. I”ll bring some Budweisers. It”s my specialty.”

"Let me in. I

15. “I just want to hug you!”

16. “Why aren”t you wearing your tuxedo, sir?”

"Why aren

17. “I want to get in this picture!”

18. “What are you guys cooking? Can I have some?”

19. “Put that camera away. There better not be any evidence.”

20. “Are you ticklish?”

21. “Need a buddy?”

22. “This is no longer a selfie.”

23. “You seem like a cool dude.”

24. “That girl over there is super hot. Let”s both look at her.”

"That girl over there is super hot. Let

25. “I like this song. You should record it.”

Next time you”re anywhere around creatures this awesome, be sure to at least have your smartphone out to capture the moment. Who knows: you might encounter a random seal.


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