It”s finally holiday shopping season, which is a good thing for some people and the worst news for others. Most likely, you have a seemingly endless list of friends and family members to buy gifts for. If you”re shopping on a budget for a multitude of people, check out these funny, eclectic and unique gift ideas below. Skip the mall, pour yourself a glass of egg nog and pat yourself on the back for grabbing these epic gifts on the cheap.

1. Macaroni and Cheese Earbuds, $12.99

Macaroni and Cheese Earbuds, $12.99

Everyone loves cheese and everyone loves music. These hilarious and adorable earbuds are an unexpected holiday gift for anyone on your list, minus vegans and soulless music-hating robots.

2. Wrist Reminder Notes, $6

Wrist Reminder Notes, $6

There”s nothing more satisfying than crossing off tasks on a to-do list…except for maybe dramatically ripping these reminder bracelet notes off your wrist. These are a creative gift for your super organized friend, or maybe for your super disorganized sibling who will definitely forget to bring the Christmas ham to the party.

3. Ryan Gosling Coloring Book, $10.03

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Gay, straight, male or female…no one can deny the allure of Ryan Gosling. Women want him, men want to be him. Everyone will enjoy coloring him in with crayons, colored pencils, or their creative medium of choice. Your celebrity obsessed best friend may discover their love for art because of this book and become the next Van Gogh. Don”t stifle their potential. They need this.

4. Facebook “Like” Necklace, $9.99


It”s 2014 guys, and the best way to let your loved ones know you care is to “like” their Facebook status. Give them this necklace and say “I like you all the time” for only $10.

5. Dog Hoodie, $10.69

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It”s a dog! In a hoodie! SO CUTE, CANT HANDLE!!! Get it for your dog, or for your dog loving aunt.

6. Solar Powered Mason Jar Light, $15.89

Solar Powered Mason Jar Light, $15.89

This solar powered mason jar light will thrill your eco-concious pal. It also makes an eclectic double housewarming and holiday gift.

7. Veggie Pasta Maker, $12.97

Veggie Pasta Maker, $12.97

For the health nut in your life, this veggie pasta maker is a must-have. Turn squash, carrots, zucchini and more into healthy pastas, or gorgeous crunchy, curly salads.

8. Pizza Pillow Cases, $17.99

Pizza Pillow Cases, $17.99

Holiday breaks should be filled with good food and long naps. These pizza pillowcases combine these two essential elements. Perfect for a holiday feast food coma.

9. Mug Cakes Cook Book, $8.08

Mug Cakes Cook Book, $8.08

Baby, it”s cold outside. No one wants to leave their warm house to pick up food, but everyone wants cake, all the time. This microwave cake book is filled with recipes that deliver dessert in 5 minutes or less. That”s what I call a Christmas miracle.

10. #HashtagADay Journal, $8.96

#HashtagADay Journal, $8.96

Writing in a journal is time consuming. Tweeting is not. Your constantly connected friend can keep a detailed document of 2015 with this #HashTagADay journal and save time for important things like Netflix and gorging on leftover pie.

11. Cartoon Messenger Bag, $13.99

Cartoon Messenger Bag, $13.99

Funny and practical, this eye-catching cartoon messenger bag is a unique gift for your on-the-go buddy. Also I”m buying it right now, for myself.

12. Coffee Art Stencils, $11.50

Coffee Art Stencils, $11.50

Don”t lie…every time you see a leaf drawn in your latte, you think, “how did they do that?!” For your Starbucks frequenting friend, grab these latte art stencils for cute cinnamon and coco topped Christmas tree coffee. Or, a chocolate panda, because pandas are adorable.

13. Bearded Beanie, $9.50

Bearded Beanie, $9.50

Everyone could use an extra layer of hair on their face in the winter. Buy this knit bearded beanie for your male friend that just can”t grow even the slightest bit of stubble, or for a lady friend who”s very comfortable in her femininity.

14. Tank Up Coffee Mug, $11.44

Tank Up Coffee Mug, $11.44

This hilarious coffee mug changes color when you fill it with fuel…I mean, coffee. For your friend who”s useless before 3 cups, this “tank up” coffee mug is the ideal gift.

15. 90″s Sweets Gift Box, $19.95


Curl up by the TV with your cousins, watch “Friends” re-runs and chomp on this 90″s nostalgic candy gift box. It”s perfect for your Millennial relative who still quotes Nickelodeon”s “All That.”

Giving gifts to others can be a special kind of joy, but your typical post-Christmas credit card statements may not be so enjoyable. With these inexpensive but awesome gifts, everyone can stress just a little bit less this season.


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