Dogs all come with their own set of special quirks. Maybe they get scared when it thunders, or perhaps they have issues with walking on carpets but this cutie’s strange habit makes him seem more like a human infant than any regular pooch you’ve probably met.

The silly boy can’t help but occasionally suck on his paw like a child would on their thumb. It’s hilariously precious and thankfully happens often enough that his human friends have been able to capture it for all of us to enjoy.

“Oh, I just…uh…stepped on bacon earlier.”

"Oh, I just...uh...stepped on bacon earlier."

“Nope, this movie is too scary.”

"Nope, this movie is too scary."

“Oh…you’re home early.”

"'re home early."

“Sorry, I needed a late-night snack.”

"Sorry, I needed a late-night snack."

“You can’t even look at me!”

"You can't even look at me!"

“Whatever, you’re just jealous.”

"Whatever, you're just jealous."

(source Reddit)

I don’t think I’d ever stop laughing if I turned around to see my pup looking like that. What a goofball!


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