Step aside, Mumford & Sons. There”s a new band in town.

Eight-month-old Jonah plays all the instruments in his one-man band. His awesome talent was recently captured by YouTuber (and Jonah”s dad) MysteryGuitarMan, otherwise known as Joe Penna.

Joe says the idea for the video came after Jonah started displaying a newly discovered love for percussion by banging wooden spoons on any surface he could find. Thinking his son would make one adorable rock star, the doting dad put on a black morph suit and gave the little guy a bit of a helping hand. The result is this sweet video that will have you grinning from ear to ear.


(source MysteryGuitarMan)

That was amazing. What”s even more amazing is that they make most of those instruments small enough for little Jonah to handle!

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