Baseball season is right around the corner, and people will soon turn out in droves to catch a live game. There”s nothing quite like spending a hot summer day checking out America”s favorite pastime (and spending all of your money on hot dogs).

Die-hard fans who go to their fair share of games know that the ballpark can also be a potentially dangerous place. Sure, you can relax for most of the game, but you can also end up like these people every once in a while. They didn”t pay attention to where that pop fly went, and they paid the ultimate price.

(via Rsvlts)

When you see the sign that reads, “Watch out for batted balls and bats,” at the stadium, you should probably heed that warning. You don”t want to end up in the hospital because you tried to enjoy a baseball game. In fact, just watch the game at home on TV. It”s a much safer option.


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